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Player Registration Form

Print out the below registration form and bring it with you to the field or mail it to the address listed on the form along with your payment.  You may register on-line through PSS Google Forms (click here), if you pay through Zelle.  

Caution: Use of Zelle is NOT recommended for anyone unfamiliar with this service.

   PSS Registration 2024 & Waiver


Prescott Senior Softball Code of Ethics

As a member and participant of Prescott Senior Softball, I agree to conduct myself as a gentleman or lady both on and off the field, and that when playing I will:

Article 1: Abide by the current “PSS Official Senior Softball Rules” and procedures to the best of my ability.

Article 2: Accept the decision of the umpires and my team manager in good sportsmanship.

Article 3: Neither taunt nor degrade my opponent.

Article 4: Avoid bodily contact that may cause injury to others or to myself.

Article 5: Never direct abusive or profane language at officials or opponents.

Article 6: Exercise control over my family members and friends to the extent of Articles 3 and 5 above.

Article 7: Not commit any act that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.

PSS Rules and Procedures 


SSUSA 2023 Rule Book

  SSUSA 2022 Rules Summary

Summer League Pre-Game Draw

Summer League Draft Procedures

Supplemental Playing Rules