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Hot Stove Meeting Summary from Dec. 4th

AA League

In an effort to keep everyone up to date on the happenings of PSS here are the notes from the recent Hot Stove Meeting 

The following items of interest for the AA (B) League were discussed during the Hot Stove meeting and some changes will be implemented during the upcoming Cactus League:

(a) Run-Through Rule (over-run base rule)  is eliminated. Runners are still required to avoid collisions.

(b) Game Day Draw Rules- the draw will be a random draw similar to the AAA (I) league. Chips will placed in a hat for all players signed-up to substitute, managers will select chips alternately until each team has appropriate number of players for the game. 

(c) AA (B) League will no longer have player ratings ( no more “A” players)

(d) In Cactus League Pitchers must have a courtesy runner, again in an effort to speed up the game, won’t have to wait for pitchers to “gear-up” after being on base.

(e) Due to concerns about availability of pitchers- the managers of each team will draft a designated pitcher in the first round. 

Other Items discussed included:

Roster size/# of Teams- this will be discussed as we get registrations and better idea of how many players will be in AA league.

In an effort to speed up the game discussed possibility of using 1-1 count. Coordinator and managers will discuss the possibility of trying it in the Cactus League.

AAA League

In an effort to keep everyone up to date on the happenings of PSS here are the notes from the recent Hot Stove Meeting 

The following items of interest for the AAA (I) League were discussed during the Hot Stove meeting and some changes will be implemented during the upcoming Cactus League:

(1) Draw- need to have transparency- most agreed the AAA (I) League procedure was working well.

(2) Umpires- should be given priority on days they work. Most agreed and Steve Smith will work on implementing a procedure.

(3) Players 45/50 should only play in Major (A) League. Most felt that players should play in whatever league was appropriate to their ability. AAA (I) is projected to have only 1 player under 50 in the league and this individual has played 2 seasons in AAA (I) League.

(4) Courtesy Runner Rule- lot of discussion. this was a new rule implemented by the board in 2017. It was extremely restrictive, the board is eliminating 6 of the paragraphs and the rule will now state:

       A courtesy runner (CR) may only be used for a player who requests one. A team’s manager and/or other p-layers may not require a player to request a CR. When a CR is used, all SSUSA rules regarding CRs apply, including the provisions of the tie-breaker rule.

(5) Play-off Schedule- league will what it can to avoid conflicts with major SSUSA tournaments and avoid having to play 3 games in one day at PSS end of season tournament. In terms of starting/stopping dates for the PSS season we have to work in conjunction with the City of Prescott.

(6) Ball Preference- complaint was the “new” ball(300psi 52 cor) after 3-4 innings turns to mush. Due to safety concerns raised in Major (A) league PSS changed balls 2 seasons ago, players have had the chance to evaluate
the ball. The Competition Committee would like to survey all PSS players and see the player’s preference. The results will be forwarded to the board as a recommendation as the board will make the final determination as to which ball the league will use. 

(7) Try 1-1 count in Cactus as a means to speed games up, and evaluate the effectiveness prior to the start of the regular season.

(8) Roster size/#of Teams- To be determined after registration and after Major’s draft.

Major League

In an effort to keep everyone up to date on the happenings of PSS here are the notes from the recent Hot Stove Meeting 

The following items of interest for the Major (A) League were discussed during the Hot Stove meeting and some changes will be implemented during the upcoming Cactus League:

Here’s what was discussed:

(1) Board at player’s suggestion changed the name of the leagues: Major, AAA and AA.

(2) No Player under 50- at this point we only have Chris Wright under 50 and if league was to change the rule back to 50, the right thing to do would be to grandfather Chris in anyway. This would be a board decision but we’re not bringing it to the board at this time.

(3) Courtesy Runner Rule- lot of discussion. this was a new rule implemented by the board in 2017. It was extremely restrictive, the board is eliminating 6 of the paragraphs and the rule will now state:

       A courtesy runner (CR) may only be used for a player who requests one. A team’s manager and/or other p-layers may not require a player to request a CR. When a CR is used, all SSUSA rules regarding CRs  apply, including the provisions of the tie-breaker rule.
(4) Draw Procedures- players want more transparency, consensus was AAA (I) has the best draw procedures and Major will adopt those procedures. (Based on our conversation at Winter Worlds I believe you are well versed in the procedures, in-order for the procedures to work it is important that the managers actually follow the procedures. I believe that was why we had some problems this past year.)
(5) Roster Sizes & # of Teams- Consensus was need minimum of 11 on a team, preferably 12, whichever teams need to be equal. Registration will answer how many teams & roster sizes.
(6) Permanent /Priority Subs- again player called in wanted this discussed. One concern is that more players will opt to be considered a “permanent sub” and this could have a negative impact on the integrity of the draft and dilute the team concept. For the “sub” it can be great, you pick & choose when to show up (only early games) or if we end up with 4 teams of 12 sub sj=hows up and doesn’t get to play like what happened to Dave Mize a couple of years ago. If we have 12 on a roster and a manger knows Chris Wright is only going be there 25-30% of the time you might draft Chris in the 8,9,10,11 round…I wouldn’t draft a part-timer prior to that.
We can address this after registration and prior to the draft.
(7) Disbursement of Pitchers- question is will the league have enough pitchers? Do we need to identify/designate who’s a pitcher and draft them separately prior to everyone else? On the registration form membership committee will include a box to check if a player wants to be considered a pitcher. Again,registration & numbers is what may determine our course of action.
(8) The Ball Preference- Due to safety concerns raised in Major (A) league PSS changed balls 2 seasons ago, players have had the chance to evaluate the ball. The Competition Committee would like to survey all PSS players and see the player’s preference. The results will be forwarded to the board as a recommendation; as the board will make the final determination as to which ball the league will use. 
(9) Playoffs- Consensus was to return to a more inclusive format. What that will look like will be determined by # of teams in the league.



Saturday, October 21, 2017

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Wood Bat Day Report

The first-ever Prescott Senior Softball Holiday Wood Bat Outing took place on Monday, July 3, apparently to near-unanimous acclaim. We had enough players to field full games on two of our four fields. Many thanks to Bill Bauder for taking the lead on the ‘B’ field.

Over on the ‘A’ field, a combination of ‘A’ and ‘I’ players managed two full seven-inning games in under two hours, the first a 4-2 thriller, and the second a more robust 14-11 contest as batters got used to the much different mechanics of the retro bats and balls.

We are presently considering the possibility of continuing Wood Bat Days in September for players whose teams have been eliminated from their PSS Divisional playoffs. More on that later. For now, many thanks to all who made Monday’s outing a success. Hope you’re all looking forward to the next one.

Saturday July 1st is the 4th of July Parade

Its time for the 4th of July parade with our Senior Softball float. Come out and help do the float or even just ride or walk with us. Show support for senior softball and have fun. WE WILL HAVE WATER! We meet at 7:00 am at staging area #8 which is on Virginia street, which is off Willis street. We are float #90. If you just want to ride or walk with us it starts at 9:00 so plan for that. Would LOVE to have more people come out and show support for PSS. Wear your BALL SHIRT and HAT and SUNSCREEN……SEE YOU THERE

Thanks, M              

I will be at ball field Monday   😎

for any questions, email me:




July 3 Is Wood Bat Monday!

The fields at Pioneer Park will be open to Prescott Senior Softball on Monday, July 3.  No league games have been scheduled for that day, however, as it was thought that attendance would likely be light for a Monday in the middle of a long July 4 weekend. 

All four fields will be available for pick-up games or batting practice.  On the field where we play our ‘A’ Division games, wood bats (and appropriate softballs) will be used.  We have purchased a couple of wood bats and some 12-inch “Clincher” balls for what should be an interesting change of pace from our normal “trampoline” fare.

While this is set for the ‘A’ Division field, all players who would like to check out the throwback action are welcome to participate.  If you have a wood bat of your own, bring it along — batters will appreciate having a larger selection from which to choose.  And you probably needn’t worry about someone breaking your “lumber”  — the wood is a lot sturdier than the delicate projectile launchers we usually swing.

If this turns out to be a popular event, we may be able to form up a Wood Bat Division for play in the PSS Fall League.  So come and check it out on Monday, July 3.  Regular starting time of 8:30 AM, with the fields open, as usual, before that.

‘A’   League Second Half Adjustments

The Prescott Senior Softball ‘A’ Division second half begins on Thursday, June 29. Based on feedback and suggestions from you ‘A’ Division players, three changes will be made beginning with those games:

  1. Starting game times will be 8:30 AM, 9:45 AM and 11:00 AM.
  2. The game clock will run 60 minutes, down from 70, with the next full inning after 60 minutes to be an “open” inning.
  3. All at bats will begin with a 1-1 count on the batter. Batters will have one foul ball to ‘waste”.

The rationale for these changes: The most frequent significant negative comment received concerned games running past 1:00 PM … in some cases, well past. By adjusting the game window to 75 minutes, from 90, the nominal ending time for our third game will be 12:30. Games that do run over should still end well before 1:00

Reducing the game window to 75 minutes requires that the game clock be shortened. Declaring “open” inning after 60, rather than 70 minutes, should help us complete games without running into the next game’s start.

Shortening the game clock, however, will lead to more six-inning (and, perhaps, five-inning) games, unless play is speeded up. A 1-1 count to begin each at bat will help counter that. If each batter sees one fewer pitch (at ten seconds per) for each at bat, game times could be cut by 15 minutes.

Much more can be done to speed up games. There can be little doubt that the single largest waste of time is the dawdling on and off the field between innings. Two-minute change times are not unusual. With 12-13 side changes per game, you can see how that eats into game time. So, if your second half games start running only five or six innings, get your players on and off the field with greater alacrity (i.e., promptness, liveliness, briskness).

These changes have been agreed to by your ‘A’ Division managers and competition coordinator. As stated above, they will be implemented for the second half of the summer season beginning with the games of Thursday, June 29.

PSS Annual Golf Outing

WHEN:  Wednesday, June 21.  Noon shotgun

WHERE:  Talking Rock Golf Course.

WHY:  Because we CAN!

FORMAT:  four person team, shamble. 

(All players hit tee shot, take best, all hit shots from there, etc. until ball is holed.  Each player must take 3 drives.  )

Due to popular demand we will again return to foursomes.  Practice areas open at 10am.  Lunch and lies at 11am, Shotgun start in foursomes at Noon.  Prizes and more lies follow on the patio at the Ranch House.  The fee of $65 per person includes practice facilities, golf, cart and lunch, and the possibility of winning a prize.

You may invite guests who are not PSS members, but we should have at least one active member in each foursome.  You pick your partners, or if you don’t have four, the “secret committee” will assign you additional players.

Reservations must be complete (including fees) by noon Monday June 19th.  You may register as a foursome (tell us who are partners) or twosome.  If registering as a twosome, you will be paired with another team by the committee.  If all four of you have handicaps, bring your indexes and you will compete in the handicap division.  If not, all other teams will receive a handicap based on the secret committee’s plan.

NOTE:  When you pull up to the bag drop area a staff member will take your clubs and place them on your cart. 

ATTIRE:  No denim.  Golf shorts are fine.  Soft spikes.

ANOTHER NOTE:  If you would like to dine at the club, make reservations directly through Chris Heinrich at  720-366-0042 and tell him you are with the softball group.  Showers are available for the picky ones.

ADDITIONAL RULES  (FOR THE ANAL ONES AMONG US)  When the team selects the ball to be played, it will be played as it lies (except on the green of course).  The second ball is dropped within 6”and in the same “condition” (rough, sand, etc.).  Gross score for hole.  We may “flight” the outing based on the number of teams we have, and a secret formula (will pick a few holes at random) to “handicap” the event.

PRIZES:  The Committee is still working on this, but last year the winners received a free foursome at TRR, and we had “proximity” prizes.  This is really just for fun, but we also like to “compete”.

How do we register?  Fill out the form and give it and your total fee/deposit to Lani Beach in “I”, or Donn Moseley in A.  Questions—Lani Beach cell 440-476-0340, or email:  lanib@mtecom.net

Our team will consist of:

____________________________    with Index of________

_____________________________          Index     ________

______________________________           “          ________

______________________________          “           ________                          Paid _____________________



2017 PSS Picnic and Annual Horseshoe tournament

Wednesday June 14, 2017:  11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Click on above link for more information.

Goldwater Lake, Free Parking, Fried Chicken, Coffee, Soda, Ice and water to be provided by PSS.

Promoting Prescott Senior Softball – June 5, 2017

“Ted Gambogi continues to network within the community to get the word out about Prescott Senior Softball. In addition to articles in the Courier and flyers around town he’s presented to both the Rotary and Lions clubs asking if any member, neighbor or church member has an interest in senior softball? Both service organization showed interest and were full of questions. “

Prescott Senior Softball News & Notes  –  April 24, 2017

We’re a couple of weeks into the 2017 summer season.  Here are a few observations from the early going:

Regular Season and Playoff Structures –

The ‘A’ Division is taking a new direction this year by dividing the regular season into two halves.   Prizes will be awarded to players on the first place teams. The first place finishers in each half will play each other in a two-of-three series for the overall championship.  If the same team finishes first in both halves, that team will be the overall champion.  There will be no playoff.  In lieu of a playoff, PSS may host a series of wood bat games to gauge interest in a possible future wood bat division.

The ‘I’ and ‘B’ Divisions will adhere to the traditional model of one long regular season followed by a double elimination round robin tournament.  Home team in all tournament games prior to the championship round will be the team finishing higher in the regular season.  In the championship round, however, the home team in the first game will be the team surviving the winners’ bracket.  If a second championship round game (the If game) is required, the home team will be the winner of the preceding game.  Prizes will be awarded to players on the team finishing first in the regular season and to players on the team that wins the tournament championship.

Courtesy Runners –

Experiments with courtesy runners during the Cactus League were successful, and the following new courtesy runner rules have been adopted for the regular season for all three PSS divisions:

1)  A Courtesy Runner (CR) may only be used for a player who requests one.  A team’s manager and/or other players may not require a player to request a CR, and should not attempt to pressure or otherwise influence a player who has not requested a CR.

2)  Players requesting CRs should be designated before a game begins and so indicated in the team’s batting order. 

3)  A player who requests a CR after a game has begun must inform the umpire prior to the at bat for which he wants to use a CR.  Exception:  A player who is injured while running the bases may request a CR immediately after such injury occurs.

4)  When a player has requested a CR, the CR must be inserted as soon as the player reaches base and the ball becomes dead. 

5)  A player who uses a CR once must use one for the remainder of the game.

6)  A player who uses a CR may not serve as a CR for the remainder of the game.

7)  When a CR is used, all SSUSA rules regarding CRs apply, including the provisions of the tie-breaker rule.
These provisions have been adopted to ensure that a player who wishes to run the bases, and who is able to run, be allowed to run the bases.

Pitchers’ Rubbers Moving Back Three Feet –

The City of Prescott has informed us that the pitching rubbers on each field at Pioneer Park will be moved to 53 feet from home plate, from 50 feet.  This change, expected to be completed by May 1, reflects the City’s decision to change its affiliation to the NSA, from the ASA.  NSA rules call for the 53-foot distance.  PSS will chalk lines three feet in front of, and seven feet behind the re-located pitching rubbers to define the pitching box called for by SSUSA rules.

Rules & Regulations Undergoing Revision –

PSS rules and regulations covering the draft, the pre-game draw and supplementary playing rules are undergoing some relatively minor revisions to reflect actions taken by the three division governance committees prior to the regular season drafts.  As a result, certain elements of these rules and regulations may no longer be in force as presently posted on the PSS web site.  Technical revisions are currently being prepared, and revised versions will be posted soon.  PSS members will be advised when these revised versions are available.





Prescott Senior Softball Promotions update

Flyers promoting Prescott Senior Softball are in the YMCA, Full Swing, Big 5 both in Prescott and Prescott Valley and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Mike Basset has also distributed them in Chino Valley. If you know of other locations let Ted Gambogi know. You can reach him at 309.363.8445 or tgambogi@yahoo.com.

On 16 Jan 2017 Lani Beach and Ted Gambogi met with sports editor Brian Bergner of the Prescott Courier to discuss this season’s coverage and ways to promote the league.

A presentation to the Rotary on 31 Jan 2017 by Ted Gambogi was well received.

Currently feelers are out to the Lions and Elks.

Ted Gambogi sent an email to radio sports host Mike Austin to promote PSS on one of his Friday sports shows

March 13th is a day set aside for a PSS barbeque at the Ramada. We’ll have PSS flyers like those at the YMCA and others along with registration forms. Tell your friends who may be prospects. The Courier will have a reporter and photographer at the games that day to promote the league, so look and play your best. We need volunteers to barbeque. We will have hotdogs, chips and soft drinks.

Dick’s Sporting Goods gave Ted Gambogi a plethora of booklets with discounts for 2017 Team Sports that he will make available for prospects and current players.




Hot Stove Meeting Summary from Feb. 4th

The third Prescott Senior Softball hot stove session was held on Feb 4.  It was well attended and free-wheeling, although there was much repetition of matters discussed at the earlier meetings.  Here’s a brief summary of what went on, as well as a few other notes which may be of interest to PSS players.  Items are presented in no particular order of importance.

Shirts — ‘I’ and ‘B’ Division players will be asked to choose between cotton and microfiber for this year’s uniform jerseys.  There will be examples for comparison at at least one Cactus League outing.  Microfiber jerseys have been worn in the ‘A’ Division for the past two seasons, and have been quite popular with the players.

Registrations —  Approximately 40 players have registered (and paid) for the ‘A’ Division summer season, and approximately 60 each for the ‘I’ and ‘B’ Divisions.  This means that we will very likely have the same division and team structure as we had last year.  There will be a separate ‘A’ Division;  ‘A’ and ‘I’ will not be combined.

Cactus League — Cactus League games will begin on Monday, Feb 27, for all divisions.  Rosters and schedules will be announced shortly.  Start times for the early games will be 9:00 AM.  There should be opportunities for ‘I’ Division players to play as fill-ins in many ‘A’ Division Cactus games, and for ‘B’ Division players to play as ‘I’ Division fill-ins.  ‘I’ and ‘B’ Division players who might like to “move up” for the regular season are encouraged to try out in higher divisions by filling in for a few games.  Players have until the first week of April to make a final decision on which division’s draft to enter.

Avoiding Collisions (and Injuries) on the Bases — Collisions between base runners and fielders remain a source of concern, particularly in the ‘I’ and ‘B’ Divisions.  The rule book is clear on the subject:  It is the base runner’s obligation to avoid a collision.  Runners who repeatedly fail to take actions to avoid collisions may be suspended for at least one game.  Since this is a poorly understood rule, it will be a point of emphasis at the upcoming umpire clinic.

Rotating Fields — A suggestion by a PSS player that all divisions rotate through all four fields at Pioneer Park during season was resoundingly unsupported by players at the hot stove meeting, and will not be pursued.  Our fields prep and maintenance crews were also skeptical of the feasibility of the proposal.

Courtesy Runners — Many ‘A’ Division players and, to a lesser extent, ‘I’ Division players as well, feel that the use of courtesy runners should be curtailed.  To address this, the ‘A’ Division will, in Cactus League play, test the following courtesy runner rules:  (1) Courtesy runners may only be used for players who are hurt and unable to run;  (2) That determination is to be made solely by the player at the start of the game;  (3) The courtesy runner is to be the player immediately preceding in the batting order who is (a) not on base at the time, and (b) not himself injured and unable to run.  (A more detailed formulation will be developed during the course of the Cactus League.)  The ‘I’ Division may experiment with similar rules, and the ‘B’ Division will consider the matter prior to the start of Cactus League.

Which Softball? —  The great tortoise or hare softball foofaraw has been addressed and settled by the Board of Directors.  At its Feb 13 meeting, the PSS Board decided to leave intact the rule that all divisions will use a softball with a compression rating of no more than 300 psi, and a coefficient of restitution of 0.52.

Introduction of New Players — In past years, players joining PSS in mid-season have been assigned to divisions and teams in an inconsistent manner.  Beginning this year, Donn Moseley, as the Board member for Membership, will form and head up a small group which will attempt to bring new players into the Prescott Senior Softball divisions to which they are best suited.


Hot Stove Summary — Dec 1

The second Prescott Senior Softball Hot Stove session was held on the morning of Thursday, December 1.  The meeting was well attended, and a wide range of issues were addressed.  Here is a summary of the more substantive matters raised.

Playing Rules

— Concerns over a Senior Softball USA rule requiring pitchers to move up to six feet to the left or right of the pitching plate in certain sunny conditions were rendered moot when SSUSA repealed the rule a few days later.

— A suggestion that PSS consider allowing pitches with unlimited arc was not supported, and will not be pursued.

— The chalk guide line running from third base to the scoring line has been found to be more confusing than clarifying, with some, but not all umpires inclined to declare a base-runner “out” for stepping to the infield side of the line.  This guide line is not called for by the SSUSA rule book, which provides only that a base-runner may not step on the scoring plate or in the batter’s box.  In the interest of umpiring consistency, the PSS Board will consider a proposal to no longer chalk this guide line prior to games.

— The “no collision/veer-off” rule interpretation continues to bedevil both umpires and players.  SSUSA rules require base-runners to avoid collisions with fielders (without qualification), but does not specify how.  Veering off when approaching a base is but one option.  Umpire’s judgement must continue to prevail with respect to collisions, interference, declaring double plays, or declaring a runner safe if a fielder botches a play on a runner who has veered off to avoid collision.  All divisions need to work for greater consistency and understanding among umpires, managers and players.  Umpire training sessions prior to the start of the summer season should address this issue in detail.

— It was also noted that the problems seems to occur most often in the ‘I’ Division, but rarely to never in the ‘B’ and ‘A’ Divisions.  Further, a relatively small number (three or four) ‘I’ Division base-runners are said to be responsible for almost all of the problems encountered.  Ejections and/or suspensions of these repeating offenders, while perhaps extreme, may need to be considered.

— The widespread use of “courtesy” runners, while permitted by SSUSA rules, may be modified.  Each PSS division will be asked to evaluate its use of courtesy runners and propose alternatives to existing SSUSA rules.  Such proposals could be implemented in Cactus League play and evaluated for possible adoption for the regular season.

Pre-Game Draw Procedures

— It was suggested that PSS volunteers, including field prep workers, umpires and managers, be given priority in pre-game draws to replace absent players.  When this was done in the past, everyone claimed to be a volunteer of one sort or another, and the practice was abandoned.  Granting priority in the draw may be appropriate in very specific circumstances, but no blanket priority would be granted.

— It is recognized that the rules and procedures governing pre-game draws which have been approved by the PSS Board cannot possibly anticipate every situation that may arise.  In situations which are not covered, managers (or their assistants) of the teams involved should attempt to agree on a mutually acceptable course.  Failing that, a decision by the division competition coordinator (or deputy coordinator) will prevail for that particular instance.  Any such actions should be reviewed with the PSS Board member for Competition soon after the game in question.

— Pre-game draws are generally limited to players from within the division of the game being played.  However, if not enough division players are available for a draw, players from other divisions may be used.  Both managers and the division competition coordinator should attempt to ensure that out-of-division players to be drawn be appropriate for the game to be played.

Pace of Game Suggestions

— Numerous actions to improve the pace of our games were reviewed, but there was no general agreement that “pace of game” was an area of concern.  Should it become an issue in the future, potential provisions include starting each batter with a 1-1 count; playing double innings in the field to reduce by half the number of side changes during a game; enlarging the strike mat to encourage batters to “take” fewer pitches; eliminating pre-inning warm-ups after the first inning; and requiring a courtesy runner for a pitcher who needs to don shin guards or other protective gear before pitching.  Should pace and/or speed of game require attention in the future, these are among the actions that may be considered.  No action is planned at this time.

Divisional Nomenclature

— It was proposed that the divisions be renamed.  Instead of “A”, “I” and “B”, perhaps “Major”, “Minor” and “Recreational”, or some other convention might be adopted.  It was felt by some that the current designations are insufficiently descriptive, and that other names for our divisions might give a better picture of our operations to people who are not currently PSS members.  This is an idea the PSS Board may take up, and perhaps present to the membership next year.

That pretty much sums up the main points discussed last week.  Happy Holidays to all, and here’s to looking forward to another successful year of Prescott Senior Softball in 2017.


Big 5 Sporting Goods in Prescott and Prescott Valley have generously offered a discount to all PSS members. This will apply to softball related items only. They have a master list of current players, so bring your ID and get a discount.