2020 News – Inactive

Prescott Senior Softball’s schedule of games remains unaffected (for now, at least) by the City of Prescott’s announcement earlier today cancelling “all sporting tournaments a special events on City property” from July 6 through at least July 27.

The City’s Parks & Rec Department has informed us that Prescott Senior Softball is neither a “sporting tournament” nor a “special event” and that our scheduled games may proceed without interruption.

Games scheduled for today — Thursday, July 2 — and thereafter will take place as scheduled until further notice. However, should you choose not to play, please tell your team’s manager as soon as possible.

In view of the highly fluid nature of events, we will attempt to keep everyone apprised of developments as they occur. Since the situation may change almost without notice, please check your e-mail before leaving for the field for any upcoming PSS games.


PSS Annual Golf Outing

Only 7 softball players responded to the request for interest in the PSS annual golf outing. Several of those respondents indicated that they supported moving the outing to September. As a result of the limited response, we have decided to move the annual PSS Annual Golf Outing to September. Sign up information will be emailed in late July. Contact Sharon Carlin at ‘sharon4847@aol.com‘ or at the AA playing field if you have any questions.

AA June Schedule

Major June Schedule

Rules for Re-Start

Re-Start Waiver



June 24,2020

Stoneridge is the location of our annual golf outing, but with the virus, there are several changes to the event:

1. There is no ‘shot gun’ start. Everyone will have a specific tee time.

2. There will be a lunch included, but it will be a boxed lunch provided on the turn at the 9th hole and eaten in your cart.

3. No celebration will occur after the event. Instead, scorecards will be collected as players come off the course, Winners will be identified via
email and prizes can be picked up at Stoneridge at a later date.

4. Players can ride individually in golf carts or pair up if they prefer.

5. The event can also be postponed until September. These changes may or may not still be required.

6. Cost will remain the same as last year – $75 per player.

If you are interested in participating, I need to know as soon as possible. Please send me an email (sharon4847@aol.com) to let me know. Foursomes will be created once we have a handle on the number of participants. Also indicate whether you would prefer to keep the event on June 24, or postpone it until September.

Hopefully, we will have enough sufficient interest to continue with the event. I believe we had almost 40 participants last year.

email: sharon4847@aol.com

Prescott Senior Softball Special Rules for 2020 Re-Start

The following pandemic-related rules and procedures will be in effect until further notice.  Players who fail to observe these rules are subject to ejection from Pioneer Park and suspension from Prescott Senior Softball.

  — If you feel sick or have an above average-range temperature, STAY HOME;  (Anyone showing symptoms will be directed to leave Pioneer Park.)

  — If you have tested “positive” or have been in contact with another who has tested “positive”, STAY HOME and follow health officials’ guidelines;

  — Maintain safe social distancing whenever possible, both on and off the field, and in dugouts;

  — Avoid person-to-person “contact”;  no handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, forearm bumps, hugs or other contact;

  — No spitting; (This means, among other things, no sunflower seeds.)

  — Maintain personal hygiene (i.e., hand washing, etc.) regimens that have been promoted by health and safety officials since before the shut-downs began;

  — Softballs are to be sanitized frequently;

  — Only the manager will be permitted to confer — at a safe social distance — with an umpire;  (This rule, though often ignored, has been “on the books” for many years.  It will no longer be ignored.)

  — After each game, teams must remove trash from dugouts and sanitize dugout poles and gate latches;

  — After cleaning dugouts, teams must exit promptly, removing all equipment and equipment bags;

  — All teams are required to wait until dugouts have been cleaned and cleared by previous teams before entering.

  — After the final game of the day on each field, teams must also sanitize dugout benches.

The above list has been compiled, in part, from recommendations and mandates published by The City of Prescott, Senior Softball USA and the National Senior Softball Summit, a group of eight national softball organizations.  These recommendations and mandates are incorporated herein by reference.  The list should not be considered complete, comprehensive or final.  It is likely to evolve over time.  PSS will report any additions, deletions or other changes via its usual communication channels.

We are allowed back onto the fields starting June 4th this Thursday.

AAA’s will continue their Cactus league.

AAs and Majors are still collecting information on how many players will return. At this moment, they will have pickup games starting at 8:30 AM.

Here is the email that went out last Saturday:

Prescott Senior Softball Resumes on June 4

The City of Prescott has invited us to resume Senior Softball activities at Pioneer Park beginning Thursday, June 4. Pick up games will start at 8:30 AM.

Certain pandemic-related rules, regulations and procedures must be observed. These include:

— If you feel sick or have a high temperature, STAY HOME. (Anyone showing symptoms will be directed to leave Pioneer Park.)

— If you have tested “positive”, STAY HOME and follow health officials’ guidelines;

— Maintain safe social distancing whenever possible, both on and off the field, and in dugouts;

— Avoid person-to-person “contact”; no handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, forearm bumps, hugs or other contacts;

— No spitting; (This means, among other things, no sunflower seeds.)

— Maintain personal hygiene (i.e., hand washing, etc.) regimens that have been promoted by health and safety authorities since before the shut-downs began;

— Softballs are to be sanitized frequently;

— Anyone who cannot or will not comply will be asked to leave.

The above list is not complete, comprehensive or final. It is likely to evolve over time.

Without knowledge of who plans to return after our three-month shut-down, it will not be possible to schedule specific games at the start. That’s why we plan to open with pick-up games on Thursday, June 4, with games to begin at 8:30 AM. We will try to accommodate as many players as possible for these early games, and we will try to come up with something less amorphous for subsequent Mondays and Thursdays. If at all possible, the divisional play would begin the week of June 22.

In order to accomplish an efficient re-start, we will need to know who plans to play again. Please click on the link below and add your name to the division you want to play.

The PSS Board is preparing a plan to refund fees paid for this 2020 season to players who decide not to return after re-start. Details will be announced at a later date.

Finally, we will be expected to clean substantially everything at Pioneer Park during and after each outing. Since Prescott Senior Softball has no standing to purchase sanitizing wipes in volume, we are asking players to contribute tubes of wipes to the extent possible. Just bring one or two you can spare to the field on game days. This is likely a request that will be on-going all season, and we thank you in advance for your assistance.

We hope you are looking to return to playing softball with as much anticipation as we are, and we look forward to seeing you back at Pioneer Park soon.

If you plan on playing, please click on the link below and add your name under the division you want to play in. Then just close google sheets. It should save automatically.

2020 Season Players List



Governor Ducey has extended his stay at home policy to May 15th. The City of Prescott Parks and Rec are waiting to get the go-ahead from the Governor’s office and then they will release the fields to us to use.


Prescott Senior Softball will be off the fields until at least mid-May.

The City of Prescott has closed its fields to “all organized team

sports, leagues, tournaments and user groups” until Sunday, May 10, at

the earliest. That means Prescott Senior Softball games, practices or

other gatherings at Pioneer Park.

Assuming this ban is not extended, we would hope to be back in action

with games to begin as soon as practicable after May 10. Watch your

e-mail for future announcements.

E-mail is our preferred and official channel for communicating with

members. If you know someone who is not an e-mail user, please pass

along this information.

Thank you Prescott Senior Softball


Per guidance from the City of Prescott Management and the Center for Disease Control the following closures and cancellations will be in place, beginning Tuesday, March 17 through Sunday, May 10, 2020, or as determined:

  1.     CANCELLED– All Special Events scheduled within the Prescott limits
  2.     CANCELLED– All Park reservations.
  3.     CANCELLED- All organized team sports, leagues, tournaments and user groups, to include City Adult Volleyball leagues
  4.     CLOSED– Rowle P. Simmons Adult Center
  5.     CLOSED– Centennial Center
  6.     CLOSED– All Park Ramadas
  7.     CLOSED– Grace Sparkes Memorial Activity Center

The following locations will remain open, however, the general public is encouraged to practice good hygiene, hand washing and practice social distancing. General public is discouraged from gatherings of 10 or more people.

  1.     OPEN– All athletic fields will remain open at this time (with the exception of Willow Creek field, Lower Bill Vallely field, and Kuebler field), but not for structured practices or gatherings. Reservations will not be taken during this time frame.
  2.     OPEN– Pickleball Courts will remain open, however, every other court will be locked
  3.     OPEN- Parks, Lakes and playgrounds will remain open.
  4.     OPEN– Antelope Hills Golf Course will remain open.
  5.     Parking fees at Watson Lake, Goldwater Lake, Willow Lake, Peavine Trail and Constellation Trail have been waived during this timeframe.

The City of Prescott and the Recreation Services Department will continue to monitor the situation and update closures and cancellations as needed.

We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.

No games until further notice.

March 13, 2020


Due to the current weather, we are experiencing and the potential for more, all fields will be closed until further notice. We will monitor the weather and fields and advise when they are back open.

Thank you,

Tim Legler

Recreation Services Superintendent

PSS will notify members via e-mail when we plan to resume play



For more information contact Ted Gambogi at 928-899-1003 or tgambogi@yahoo.com

Register for Over The Line Tournament Here

Pick up games being played now at 10:00 AM on Mondays and Thursdays at Pioneer Park.


2020 Dates

Mar 2   Cactus opens

Apr 6   Major draft
Apr 9   ‘AAA’ draft
Apr 13  ‘AA’ draft

Apr 20  Summer season opens
Aug 27  Summer season ends

Aug 31  Post-season tourneys begin
Sep 17  Post-season tourneys end

Sep 21  Fall ball begins
Nov 23  Fall ball ends; fields close

Survey Results

Direct Mail Flyer Campaign

Hello PSS Players,

This year we are trying some new ways to get the word out for Prescott Senior Softball. We live everywhere in the area and already know that word-of-mouth is the best way to get new players. The goal here is to expand that concept by flooding the area with flyers. You know where the local bulletin boards are!

Attached is the new Flyer11-19 that you can download and print. If you want, we will mail you clean, color laser printed copies on nice paper…in 8.5 X 11″ envelopes.
All you will have to do is open the envelope and post the flyers. We can also mail you some business cards to hand out.

If you want us to mail you the flyers, simply reply to this email with an address and the number of flyers and/or business cards you can place in your area.

Questions? Call or text Mark Lyon at 541-531-7100.

Email address is lionaround@hushmail.com

Thanks everyone and have a great holiday season!